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No Watch work in my house tonight

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It's school holidays where I live and I have 2 sons, one 15 and the other 12 turning 13.

The older one has 2 of his friends sleeping over tonight and my younger son has 1 friend sleeping over, so I currently have 3, 15 year olds and 2, 12 year olds high on sugar running around the house between the games room and their bedrooms.

Not even going to attempt to do any work tonight, think I will just go get myself a nice malt whiskey and hide upstairs with headphones on.

It's probably the safest thing I can do. :D

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14 minutes ago, yankeedog said:

 My question for you is , Do you have a shed?

I have a workshop, I get upset with my wife when she refers to it as a shed.

But it is set up more for 'dirty work' has big my lathes, milling machine, cold cut band saw, buffing and grinding machines, ultrasonic cleaner etc in it, good for many things, but not for watch work and earlier in the evening it would of still been too hot in there as it was 37C today and my workshop is made of colourbond, has no insulation or cooling in it.

The glass of malt whisky did the trick though. :-)

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No offense really taken, most people call it a shed, I just like to call it a workshop to distinguish it from the 'shed' that stores our push bikes, brush cutter and chainsaw.

Also if I call it a shed my wife thinks that means it can be used to store stuff rather than a place for me to fix and make things

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On ‎1‎/‎14‎/‎2020 at 6:28 AM, yankeedog said:

Last time I had one that age it was a she...12 turning 30. My question for you is , Do you have a shed?

  doesen't   every one in the USA  have a shed?     vin

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