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Smiths ABEC platform escapement parts compatability

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On the weekend I went for a day trip to York which is a small country town about 80km away from where I live and after a nice lunch visited a few antique stores.

I stumbled across a Jaeger car clock movement that I just couldn't say no to.

On getting it home and opening it up I discovered it looks like someone at some point sprayed the platform with WD40 or CRC or something like that which of course dried up, attracted dust and then rust.

I have stripped the platform completely apart and given it, its first clean and I'm pretty confident I can clean up pretty much everything except the hairspring which has rust spots on it, so will need a new hairspring.

Just wondering how compatible the parts are between different ABEC or Smiths platform escapements as I'm hoping I can find one on ebay with a broken staff but with a good hairspring for a reasonable price.

Here is a photo of the platform in all its dirt, rust and gummy oil glory before I stripped it down and cleaned it.

The clock amazingly actually still ticked with the platform like this.


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I don't know about compatibility but you should be able to pick up a complete working platform for a nice price.  As far as I remember the b/staffs on these are just a tap out and a tap in fit. 

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16 minutes ago, oldhippy said:

I don't know about compatibility but you should be able to pick up a complete working platform for a nice price.  As far as I remember the b/staffs on these are just a tap out and a tap in fit. 

   a slip fit.    there have been a few posts on smith auto clocks  and  balance.   vin

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Looks like time for me to keep an eye out on ebay then.

I'm still going to try and fix this though, if nothing for more than practice

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Hi  I Had a small mantle clock in for repair with an ABEC  platform with a broken staff so I canibalised one that had a broken escape wheel and build one from the bits They all seem interchangeable, This one went home to a delighted owner and its still ticking away.  a bit of a hybrid but working.

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    • Same problem happens in other fields. The expertise and time required to do a repair or modification can often be way higher than the price of the item itself. Happens all the time in the computer field. Computer repair is generally a joke as true repair would be much too expensive. I just recently repaired a computer motherboard where the time and parts involved were way more expensive than the board itself but it was really satisfying to see it work. I have had a watch repaired where the cost of the repair was higher than the value of the watch. The repairer was very hesitant to give it a try but we went ahead with it with the understanding it was a best-effort kind of thing. Even if a repair appears simple, there is always the risk of the repairer causing damage and turning into something complicated. I'm learning watch repair but I wouldn't touch someone else's watch unless I knew things were totally fine should it turn to scrap. While a beginner may be able to help for cheap, it is risky for a beginner to help you too.
    • We have 4 clocks photos of front and the backs showing there movements. All you have to do is tell me what countries are they from. So you have A B C & D
    • I have recently ruined the coating of the plates of my PUW60 movement which is not that old that mentioned above. PUW60 Unfortunately I don't have pictures about the plates themselves, but you can see that yellow section under the balance wheel where the coating ended up at the bottom of my cleaning container, i did not understand first what are those shiny bits.
    • Thank you. I did contact a watch repair person and the cost was higher then the watch ifself. It's a similar conundrum to when a beginner starts looking for watch repair tools, can't afford the Bergeon ones and some cheap tools are too cheap. I know I'll get what I pay for, but I am after a new'ish watch enthusiasts who can do it for less the the price of a Seiko type watch. Our prayers go out to the thousands that are effected by the pandemic and in dire straights.
    • Have a look at some places where they change batteries. Some are good and able to do that as well.
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