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Bulova 1969 Oceanographer Snorkel 666 Feet


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It's got an Automatic Snorkel feature!!  Way cool :)


errr ... Mark ... how do you service the snorkel? :huh: We need a vid on this ASAP!



Seriously though, I love Bulova ... and that my friend is a nice lookin piece.


I think my Karcher power washer should do the trick :D

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Here's my Oceanographer 666;




A 1974 Set-O-Matic rather than a Snorkel.


Currently a non-runner awaiting it's slot on the bench. Cosmetically it's not great as there is extensive plating loss from the case but the dial and hands are good, and the movement looks ok, hopefully just a COA and it will tick again. To be honest I have my doubts about its depth rating as it doesn't have a screw down crown, but as I'm not a diver I'm not too fussed.


Inside is a Bulova 11BSABC, or in other words an AS2066, housed beneath a secondary dust cover.






I will probably post a blow by blow pictorial when I sort this one out, and when funds permit I will get the case refinished.

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Nice watch Chris! The "666" is awesome....so collectible. I have a 333 Oceanographer, but haven't been able to find an affordable example of the 666. Cross hair dial is a nice touch. tell me: are those hands and outer chapter indices gold-colored?




no they are stainless steel and silver color

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