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Vintage Strap Adjustment



Happy New Year everyone!

I've been working on a lovely old Hudson watch with a Felsa 415 inside.  I've got the watch running (first automatic!), but I can't make heads or tails of the watch band.  I want to adjust it so that it fits me, but I've only every adjusted the old u-pin style.  Is there a trick to these older watch straps or are they not adjustable?

I attached a few pictures to help.  The only markings on it are "JB Champion" (The JB is in a triangle).





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Sorry can not see how this one can have links removed. Normally a stretch band has U shaped links that can be removed. By any chance can you find any arrow type mark inscribed on a link if so then this will be the link that can be removed. 

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I'm guessing that the only way is to dettach some of the links and put it back together when it's shortened.

The thing is that in this case it might mean damaging the bracelet.

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Hi    Iam with old hippy on this one . to remove the links releases the little springs on the end of each bar which escape at the first chance so unless you want a nervous breakdown putting it back to gether leave it as is and fit another similar bracelet.:thumbsd:

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Thanks for all the advice.  That was my gut feeling as well, it didn't really look adjustable but I'm not very experienced with metal straps.  I thought of trying to take apart a couple links, but them being under tension made me concerned about getting it back together.

It's too bad as it matches the watch in colour, but it also looked like a great way to loose all the hair on your wrist so I'm not too broken up.

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