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Help with fitting an incabloc shock spring 975.03 to a FHF 69-21 dial side


Hi, I need some advice please on fitting an incabloc shock spring 975.03 to the dial side shock bloc. Can I just push the spring in horizontally to secure it in the hing or do I have to punch the bloc out install it from the outside then press it back in again?

was hoping to do it the easy method but i have tried and it does seem to not want to go in!

any help would be welcome thanks, please see photo below, the movement is a small ladies FHF 69-21


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The inca setting needs to come out to put a new  spring in. Have a bunch of 69-21 movement plates if you need a one with spring in already. probably easier then fiddling with this tiny springs. 

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    • 3:29  Oooooohhh that went silky smoothly, I bet nobody else saw that coming. 😆  I remember doing something similar with an old Hornby clockwork locomotive that no longer worked, when I was a kid (showing my age again). I undid the four screws holding the thing together and there was a very similar explosion of uncoiling steel with the addition of a few airborne cogs, and a very confused me sitting thinking bloody hell how did they manage to get all that spring in there, and how the heck am I going to get all the bits back in.   Speaking of which, how the heck is he hoping to get it all back in? Superglue and a hammer? AndyHull grabs the popcorn and starts looking for the follow up video.
    • I also made my account on CousinsUK but cant find Seiko Complete  balance can u provide me any links. Thanks.
    • Will this Fit ? I came across this site while searching for parts this looks similar but belongs to NH36.
    • Hi Tudor, Thanks a lot for your advise. I considered it as the best solution. Later I discovered that manufacturer did it with an hexagonal 0,5 mm stake, but seems it does not work as expected,  as could be seen in the photos of same watch I could find on Internet, almost all are out of "synchrony", so I have my doubts and, any case, I don't have any stake to try it. The pinion diameter is around 0,5 mm diameter at the junction, trying to drive a 10 mm wheel, so the relative torque is so huge that it overcome the manufacturers expectations (I wonder who calculated it, maybe a floating comma fooled him). (Tried to attach a better photo but the page do not allow me to do. I'll do later if possible) As I suppose there may be some shoulder just below the wheel to support it, I though a fluid adhesive may penetrate it enough to increase the adhered surfaces and hence increase it's torque performance. As I have no experience with such kind of junction I'm trying to test different adhesives that can be eliminated to check different makes if not successful.  After much thinking and searching I think shellac may deserve a try, diluted it may penetrate everywhere and it could be easily cleaned. I'll post the outcome when I could do it.  Again thanks for your help
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