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In my Christmas stocking this year was yet another book to add to my library.  Having skimmed through this book it seems great for those wishing to take up clock repair as a hobby. It covers all of the basics from bushing to cleaning and assembly. However it also covers cuckoo clocks, their repair including repairing the bellows which is new for me.  Another interesting section me is lubrication because the author recommends “Mobile 1 Synthetic 0W-40” (Viscosity 215)for the pivots and “Mobile 1 Synthetic 10W-60” (Viscosity 325)for the mainsprings. If this really works then it is certainly going to save me money so I am tempted to give it a try.


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    • Welcome to the forum.
    • Turns out (accidentally) dropping it on the floor opens it allright:) Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
    • Hi Tom,   Mine machine is working fine but slightly out of sync (I still didnt figured out why as in the biggining it was completly fine, no issues), so I use manual overide button to move between cycles, its abit tricky as I have to watch metal disks which turns things on/off if not it will jump to another cycle (it cause a bit of an issue as it wont spin long enough to remove fluid between jars).   Regarding documentation - one Ive scanned for you was received from Elma after I contacted them, they told me that they dont have any shcemtics for this machines, I only got electronic schema for RM-90 if I recall correctly which is much more advanced and newer. Because machine is not working as I would like it, Im thinking to create a new electronic system for it based on arduino or something like that, Im not a programmer so it might be too diffcoult for me. If mainboard replacement for RM-90 would be cheaper I could use that for my machine - just got that idea  right now :). Still some parts are the same between those two machines - jars, possibly motors, heating plate etc.   Im mostly interested in American pocket watches, actually South Bend only :).   Regards,    Rafal
    • I decided to take it today... Feeling sick.  She apparently got a buyer in NY!  We're in L.A.   Yes, I could probably tell her to cancel the deal, but I won't.  If it falls through I'll take it.  
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