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    • By dangerousDabbler
      Hi WRT community!
      Full-time graduate student and aspiring amateur watch-tinker-er here. My first watch was a quartz victorinox gifted from my grandma when I was 12 years old and thus began a (so-far) life-long appreciation for watches of all kinds.
      I have only recently started tinkering with watches myself - trying to repair some old Seiko movements from ebay - and came across this forum a few months ago. I am currently amidst my first foray into building a watch using various parts from ebay, and was hoping I could mine the wealth of wisdom here for some advice before I pull the trigger on a watch case. My question is this: I have a 33.5 mm watch dial, and the case I am interested in fits a 33 mm dial normally. Given the 0.5mm discrepency between the case and dial, would I still be able to fit my dial into the case? Or is it better to find a case made for a 33.5 mm dial?
      Looking forward to learning more from you all, and growing this hobby!
    • By canthus
      Came across this E*** site whilst trawling for stuff.  Thought it may be useful to others.  They have some nice bits of quality parts etc for sale. Swiss based.
      Anybody want to try this out!!!
    • By thinkbruno
      I have plenty of vintage watch dials that need a cleaning.  But I am scared to ruin them can anyone help me ?
      Thank you

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