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Homemade dials, what is your opinion?

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I'd need to see and feel one to telll but they look alright at first glance.

As long as something is made with quality in mind and the end result is supposedly as good as the original one than that's good in my book.

How do you make them ? I would imagine that the most complexe part is not the brass disc but the painting/imprinting of the dial. Is this correct ?

I would love to be able to make something like this. Have encountered watches that had dials in poor shape and it would be nice to be able to fully restore them.

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You would have to have a closer look and feel to tell but they sure look nice. Sure one would like the watch to be as close as possible to it's original state but that is quite often nit possible for the timepieces I can afford to tinker with so I would certainly consider using one custom made.


Nice job!

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