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Watch Repair Noob

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Hi everyone! I have always loved watches. This past summer, I purchased a quartz watch that needed a new crystal and some cleaning. At the same time, my son busted the crystal on his watch. Both watches needed batteries. I was dumbfounded by the quote, so I researched what it took to do it myself. After a while, my wife final said, "Just get some beginner tools and try it out. It could be a fun hobby." She doesn't know the obsession she started. My youngest son has already joined in!

I look forward to getting advice about SO MANY questions I have. Thank you advance!

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Just now, Redwood said:

I thought my Snap-On screwdrivers were expensive emoji1787.png

Wait. I was looking to a set of 6 with a nice stand for 100 pounds. Horotec, roller bearing and SS blades. They are the absolute best according to a known someone that also A*F and Bergeon before, and having handled fora try I agree. That is not crazy expensive.
Even better news, my Chinese ones that want to be a bit like the above are cheap and work perfectly.
I think one can do very good with a total of 100 ponds/euro/dollars if using a PC based timegrapher.
And remember it's the watchmaker that does the good work, not the tool.

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