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    • By Vladimir
      Hi Guys, 
      Hope this finds all well, i have started disassembling a rotary watch with a skeleton movement and a tiny part fell out of the movement which i was not in time to take a picture. If anyone has ever worked on similar movement and know where it belongs i will appreciate your help.
      Pictures attached.
      Thank you in advance. 

    • By Swissmade
      I am trying to remove a mechanism from a Rotary Kensington GS02490/06, it's a front loader, any suggestion?
      The front,hands and stem are removed.

    • By henryr
      Hi all,
      I have a Bulova sine plate with integral rotary table. It doesn't have any locking features for the plate so I don't think it was used for machining. The rotary can be locked and it does accept a dovetail block that can be clamped in place. Has anyone seen another, know what they were used for or when it might have been made?

    • By PaulG
      Hi all, 
      First time ever trying to fix a watch. It's a Rotary Editions 500series. Opened it up and the part in the pic was swimming about loose only issue is I have no idea where it goes. 
      Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
      Paul G

    • By chez138
      I have recently bought a 'non working' rotary automatic skeleton watch. I love the watch to bits however...
      The watch will only work when fully wound and as it unwinds (with little wearing) it stops. it appears as though the minute hand is ever so slightly fouling on the hour hand. when full wound there appears to be enough power to override this. I'm hoping I can just tweak the hand very slightly to clear it. it visually appears slightly bent up.
      Ive had the watch open fairly easily however I cant for the life of me find how to remove the stem/crown. ive searched high and low online and am now fairly familiar with the process on many watches except this one.
      Any pointers would be much appreciated and well done on great forum.

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    • I opened up this Timex Expedition T42351 to remove a tiny loose metal sliver from the dial. This watch actually has 2 stems to remove. One of those is a monster. I swear I felt like I was pulling a parasitic worm from a wood boring beetle as I slowly worked the main stem out of the movement.  But it came out, I dropped the movement out of the case, removed the metal sliver - which looks like some kind of tiny flat spring - cleaned out the dust particles and proceeded to re-assemble the watch.  Everything went fine until I attempted to slide the main stem back in; it went about halfway and then stopped. With some very careful manipulation I was able to ease it in a little more, but then it refused to go any further. I did notice there's a very loose 2-pronged spring near the entry hole and showed that to a watchmaker friend yesterday who told me that it's broken. He wouldn't touch it and advised me to just go get another watch. But I'm pretty sure there must be a way to get the stem back into the movement and regain the functionality the watch had before I opened it up. Here are pics of the watch, the loose sliver, and the stem with the movement. If anymore is familiar with anything like this, I'd love to hear your opinion. Thanks!  
    • this is watch repair anything is possible? This means that if you look on the catalog  pages of the attached PDF you may find the exact size jewel you're looking for. But is also the possibility of the various watch companies using their own jewels and the outside diameters might not correspond to the jewel sizes found on the catalog page. 5006 A_a_F Seitz jewels.pdf
    • That's great thanks. I think i'll give the chinese one a go. A question regarding changing jewels. Are you saying if i didn't have a replacement i would not find the exact sized jewel to fit so i would have to ream out the hole and fit one with a larger diameter? The inside measurement would always have to be the same though, in this case for the centre wheel to pass through.
    • Hi I am trying top locate hands for a omega cal 565  case num 166.025 Cousins don't have them, not omega anyway. I got the hand sizes from ranfft 1.50mm 0.80mm 0.18mm So i presume they are the hole size? So went on unbranded parts in cousins looking for hands. I can get the hour and the minute hand but the seconds hand fits onto a pin and secures the hour and minutes hands. How do i know what second hand i need? The hole which is 0.18 i understand but then it has to be wide enough on the outer side to secure minute hand? Sorry if i have not explained this properly but i'm doing me best. I've included some pics but i only have a phone cam so that's the best i can do with that. I also know the pics show the hole is dirty and uncleaned but i want to see if i can get this second hand sorted before i strip it and clean it. Any help advice appreciated. cheers gary  
    • The cap stones are the same both sides. I never seen such defects on the many I worked on. In some way it seems to me that is the domed side up, but it shouldn't. Before blaming the train check well the escapement, balance pivots, end-shake, hairsping shape, that there is no rubbing, etc.
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