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Antique show haul

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There was a very large antique extravaganza this past weeked, near me. Many watches to be found, most were junk with a few exceptions. I found a few that caught my eye. 

1. Seiko DX automatic with a stunning green dial (March 1969 vintage)

2. Timex Electric

3. Sears manual

4. Timex Marlin manual with date, early 70s

All run great except for the Marlin. I pulled it apart to clean and inspect it. I got it running and keeping good time. Regrettably, in the process of overhauling the movement I lost one of the two tiny winding/setting gears so now it sits until I can source another. If anyone here has a timex #12 movement and can spare one of the two smaller winding gears, I'll buy it! All told, these watches cost $12!

The Seiko needs a new Crystal, but is otherwise flawless. I popped a battery in the Timex Electric and it took right off. The Sears winds but feels like the spring may be broken towards the end of of it's length because it doesn't stop when winding and only runs about 24 hours. That said, that may be the normal operations of the watch. It definitely needs a dial overhaul. I feel this is something I'd like to try, especially since it only cost me $1, lol. I'll post pics of the Marlin when I get it back together.






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32 minutes ago, FLwatchguy73 said:

Absolutely and thank you!!! I knew it was the #25 movement, but I had $12 on my mind when I was writing the original post. lol. Thank you @JerseyMo

okay, I have posted the gears and will add in some others to help you get a parts bin going. :)

Where is the antique market?

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The gears arrived yesterday @JerseyMo. Thank you for the bonus selection of gears as well! Now, as Murphy's law seems to be running my life as of late, I sit down this evening to reassemble the winding/setting gears and as I pick up the first tool, what do I find sitting there looking up at me, but the missing gear! Major face palm! Needless to say, everything is back together and running smoothly. I will post pics tomorrow. Thanks again Mo!:woohoo-jumping-smiley-emoticon:

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Here is the Marlin all back together and shiny! Keeping pretty damn good time all things considered! I have access to an awesome Crystal polishing compound at my work. A bit of fine sanding to remove the deep scratches and a quick polish and the Crystal is perfect. I threw on a simple NATO strap because that's all I had that wasn't preoccupied.  Any suggestions on straps for these gold Marlins @JerseyMo?



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looks great, the Nato straps are very in right now so you might just want to keep it that way.  But, if you want to go for an orignal look you have to go either leather of an expansion band.  Orf if you may even go with a something like these in the pic.

That crown looks like it could use a repalcment too. :)




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Very vintage and very not my style Mo! :blink: Did the marlins ever come with a lizard strap? In my experience, hairy arms don't play well with expansion straps, lol. Good eye on the crown @JerseyMo, It is partially worn out from age and I kinda tweaked it thinking it may be a two piece stem. This was my first vintage marlin. I was unfamiliar with that case back, I've seen similar on a Bulova from this era and it opened through the crystal. Finally noticed the lip. Glad i didn't rip it off.:rolleyes:


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