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Proclamation of smuggery!

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Good afternoon everyone, here's a short message concerning a "Dinex" ladies watch that I bought from a boot fair as part of a job lot of scrap watches to practice on. This watch is a budget model with only one jewel. This jewel is a diashock type, (I think) and is situated to accommodate the balance pivot, (probably this is obvious to most of you!) I removed the spring clip that holds the jewel and it's metal end cap, cleaned the balance pivots and jewel, reassembled the balance then spent over two hours trying to put the diashock clip back into place, having "lost it" half a dozen times or more. Damn, those little blighters can fly! After finally retrieving it for the last time, I walked away and had a cup of tea. Whilst drinking this tea I had a brainwave. I measured the diameter of the jewel cap, found a piece of electrical wire sheathing of a slightly less diameter, about 1.6mm, held it in my pin vice and returned to the watch with renewed enthusiasm. I put the spring in place, positioned the sheathing over the clip and with light pressure, twisted the pin vice about an eighth of a turn. To my utter delight and sheer surprise it worked. I was even more delighted when I repeated this a further 3 times and each attempt was as successful as the first. Now I'm as smug as a Jehovah's witnesses on the doorstep of someone with a sympathetic ear! Here are some photos of the simple, but wonderful little tool I made, it might prove to be helpful to any beginners out there, such as myself. 

Happy Diashocking everyone, Happy Diashocking!





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