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Watch Case & Movement Engraving/Marking

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Hi All,

Hope this message finds everyone well.

can anyone advise an affordable machine that can engrave/mark the back of a watch case or movement? I am starting my own brand, this is the only tool i am struggling to find at reasonable price.

your feedback will be highly appreciated.

any tool that can mar/engrave as per image attahced.....



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This type of work is done on a cnc milling machine generally. If on angled surfaces likely a 4 or 5 axis machine. Big bucks.


That caseback is flat enough to do on a 3 axis, the engraved surface of the rotor seems ok too.

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Try Googling "CNC laser engraver", there are quite a lot of options including DIY but kit for engraving into metals is not likely to be cheap.

You might be better off out-sourcing the engraving to a company that specialises in that sort of thing. Probably cheaper that buying the kit to do it yourself unless you've got other uses for it.

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On 11/21/2019 at 5:20 PM, Narcissus said:

Laser won’t be the best. As these parts are likely already plated/polished , the laser will just bounce off. (I’ve tried). You want a diamond-drag cnc engraver.

Maybe you'll want something like that 


Especially likable .,. her almost indiscernibile Chinese accent. 

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