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clock i got today part 4

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8 Day French Strike on a bell. It has count wheel striking. Original half moon hands. I don't think its the original pendulum, it certainly isn't the normal type I would expect to see. If you remove the bell you should see some numbers, one of the set of numbers on the back plate should match the numbers on the pendulum. That is the way of telling if the pendulum is original, The other set of numbers tells you the length of the pendulum in French measurement, I can't remember which one. White enamel dial, I see a touch of chipping around the key hole on the time side. Fine regulating can be made by the adjustment jut above the 12.  

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That back plate number is the movements serial, the pendulum should have the same on it, I have never seen a hexagon shape pendulum before on a French clock. Someone has made a mess of bending that crutch to try and set it in beat. The oil sink on the large wheel loos a bit suspect going by the photo. When its all cleaned up movement and case you will have a nice looking clock.  

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Hi You might find this interesting reading if you are interested in french clocks.  One thing to remember with french clocks the pivots are glass hard and brittle so when dismantling ,cleaning and rebuilding be very carefull and dont use force when putting the back plate on and be gentle when aligning the pivots and holes and you will be ok.

dating french clocks.pdf

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    • I read somewhere (maybe the tube) that you can cure a lot of evils if you wind the spring up as you would into a mainspring winder (though a MS winder would be too large and this would have to be done on the flat of your bench for example) until it is fully and tightly coiled.  I gather this gives it its shape back and you can move on from there.  Maybe a bit of an ask for your spring though !!  Maybe worth a try as not much to lose !!
    • Well, I have just written to Mr. Sudarson at www.oldswisswatches.com and have politely asked him how he can help me with this problem. I'll keep you updated on the progress. Yes, I don't think you're wrong to assume that the cost of living and wages in India are extremely low. An alternative explanation could possibly be that the repair prices reflect the same kind of quality that the spare parts they sent me had, but I wouldn't really know.
    • I inherited a clock over 30 years ago that must have been in the family almost from new. It is identical in appearance, size, as a 1907 Urania 400 day anniversary clock but apart from a serial number stamped on the back 32638, (in the same place and font as the Urania) there are no other markings except for an S and an F on the circular weight.  The dial has no markings but I understand that this is not abnormal as often retailers added there own mark.  Is there any knowledge of a likely resource that might help provide any info. Thank you. 
    • Hi, no uk, i forgot about the one in the USA Tony
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