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Balance assembly


Hello, I was wondering if anyone in the uk could help me with working out how much it would cost to have my pocket watch balance put back together and the jewel put back in secure. I don’t have a staking set so I can’t do it myself so if anyone could give me a quote to do it. Thank you


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Welcome to the group! Just looking at your picture, your balance is going to require more work than just reassembly. The hairspring itself is no longer concentric and would either need to be put back into shape (which would require fine point tweezers, probably some previous experience doing it, and an AWFUL lot of patience), or you would replace the hairspring. If you replace the hairspring your gonna need some knowledge and experience to get it in beat with the balance wheel. The other question I would have was, why was the balance stem removed to begin with. You can remove the hairspring without removing the stem, which makes me wonder if the stem would also need to be replaced. 

Either way, I guess what I'm saying is...this issue is a complicated one, that's gonna require some real experienced repair person, and is probably not going to be cheap.

Wish I had those skills.....and tools.

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Welcome to the forum.

Balance complete for it may be readily available.

If not and this is to be built into a balance complete, the piece itself is to be closely examined and repair cost easily vary, depending on the level of expertise delivered, staff availability etc,   Much depends on the brand as well.

A more comperihensive assessment is free on the forum if you post pix of the movement to be ID eed , or give the caliber.

No cost quote since this forum is a school. Plenty of free advice however.

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