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    • By deathkei
      I measured my Omega Caliber 1120 through an timegrapher app. (Dial Up, full wind)
      I know the app is not very accurate.

      I checked about +100s/d difference and sharply tilted graph .
      The odd thing is that the bottom part of the graph is not printed every 100+- seconds.(red-colored circle)
      Is this a feature of the timegrapher, or does it indicate abnormal state of movement component?
      Thank you for the comments.
    • By mineglobus03
      Hi everyone, I have some problems with a manual winding watch. It needs some work but I would try to do it myself. The watch appears fully wound but it doesn't work. Which is the problem? Thank you in advance
    • By east3rn
      I am working on a vtg. Citizen cal.7520 automatic movement.
      I have put the watch on the timegrapher 
      The graph looks OK but the beat error shows 9.9ms. I presumed that beat error should be around 1.0~2.0 given the shape of the graph.
      Is the beat error actually bad or the timegrapher is wrong??
      Thank you!

    • By Legarm
      is the Is price difference from the Timegrapher 1000, to the 1900 worth it?
      Any input appreciated as will be purchasing one soon. Don' want to waste money that could then be spent on more movements ..... :)
    • By Padd
      Hello Everyone,
      Padd here from the UK.
      It all started with a desire to fix a Submariner replica I bought off a lucky lucky man in Pisa, Italy while on a European tour.
      Next thing I know I'm investigating Submariner replicas and building my own, signed by me, using a Seagull ST2130 movement, adventure watch.
      Now I'm hooked, I took inspiration from Marks videos, now I'm happily starting to work on parts of the movement, and have recovered one or two movements where the stem came out, but wouldn't stay back in. I have built a few watches for friends and relations, but now I need to be able to service them when they come back to me.
      I also have a couple of movements that run really badly, so I will be practising on those over the winter weekends. Full repair/servicing kit IS my Christmas present.
      I really want to get one of those ST2130's, serviced and tweaked by me, doing a -------------------------- on my timegrapher. not a -.'-.'''--,'.'.' (and worse) that they do at the moment.
      I wont start to list my watch collection, but it runs from a Casio digital to a Rolex pocket watch with Seikos, Citizens, Omegas and home builds in the mix.
      Must do Mark's course, but I'm afraid I may have already learned 60+% of it already.

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    • This site has some original and repo parts for these watches https://speedtimerkollektion.com/shop/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=kakume&search_in_description=1&osCsid=fs0agg7cqf0mc9q0aihcffp4sq&x=5&y=7
    • As the trimmer on this is a tiny low value variable capacitance it is probable that some contaminant has bridged between the two capacitor plates, at an edge, and dramatically changed the value of the trimmer, preventing the quartz oscillator from running. Turning the trimmer would break any bridging at the edge. 'All' you need now is to reset the trimmer for accurate time keeping , fortunately something I can now do on these, since I realised that  if I set the gate time on my Seiko QT-99 Quartztester to 120seconds it reads these and allows you to adjust them accurately. My M58 jump minute watch now runs to +0.5 secs/day
    • Thank you for correcting my "honest" mistake. 
    • Praezis actually makes these for a very reasonable price- I'm glad you posted, I've been meaning to buy one and it slipped through the cracks, will order now!   If you send him a message he can send the info and user manual, it looks like a killer tool. Not only are the master balances rare to find (in odd beats especially), they are prone to damage and drifting in precision. I only do a hairspring every few months but I know this will pay for itself in zero time (pun intended).
    • Wow!  Thanks, that’s very helpful!
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