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Longines Cal.12 from the flea-market

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Got this beat up Longings at a flea market about two weeks ago.  

Dial is thrashed but hands can be saved. 


Its a Cal.12 which is a nice movement and the balance swung smoothly. When I got it back home I wound the mainspring with the screw on the ratchet wheel and it started ticking.. Sluggish but it bodes well for this project! Apart from a missing case screw everything looks good so far! Mainspring was wound down (no power)  when I got it and the regulator is in the middle so I bet is was a nice runner until a missing crown led to it being put away. 


Crown tube is pretty mashed up but at least the stem is there (a plus point!) ,  and the case has a lot of scars. 


It has solid springbars but it looks like they were added on later,  it a pretty untidy job and one lug in particular looks a bit weak As it's only the solder holding it in. It's normal to see damaged lugs on base metal cases but this is a Stainless Steel case. IMG_20191026_121041.thumb.jpg.31300572f618a7488028bbd04152449d.jpg

Nice engraving on the inner case back. 


I'll probably clean and oil it and fit a new crown and crystal. I should be able to 'massage' the hands back to shape but the dial will probably stay as it is. 

Will post up pics as I get along but this is not an urgent job as I have a few others waiting in line. 


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    • Hi Check out this link   http://www.dirkfassbender.de/dial-feet-soldering-machine.html.   I build one of these and it works very well , there was a topic on the site regarding this subject.  The ones featured similar to the one I build for about £25 does the job and there is no harm to the dial surface. check out the search on site top right for the topics.
    • Can anyone mention one single change made to a forum/ computer /chat program /to anything which was broadly accepted by the user communities and not ended up like this change here? (I wont accept examples from North Korea.) By now I believe that Mark should have earned our trust to accept his decisions without a word. This enhancement did not hurt anyone, did not cost anybody, you were free to use it or not to use it. I don't mind if it goes away or it stays, we should not spend much of our time on it.  Quote from the Time Savings Clock post: "In fact, time isn’t just an equal among other things of value. Time has a worth that’s in a class by itself because  there’s only a limited amount of it.  And unlike many things that can be bought with money, time isn’t one of them. That makes time very precious. And when I get to thinking just how precious it is, I also get to asking myself how well I’m using it. And that leads me to other questions, about loved ones, the future…in fact the very purpose of life." And another relevant youtube video: "Hello Suzy, can I be a mountain leopard please?" from 2:30  
    • @Nucejoe - What in the actual *** are you talking about. Your comments are completely non-sensical. @jdm has been attempting to assure me that you are trying to be humorous. I have to say - the joke if any is completely lost on me especially in the context of your PM to my inbox. Wrong!!! This was not a test run where the trusted members were a test batch. This was intended to be an enhancement to the forum for TRUSTED members to be able to communicate the requirement for certain parts they may be finding it hard to obtain.  Absolutely no idea where you got this idea from - what "First Purchase" the forum is not selling anything joe!!  It seems to be you completely and utterly misinterpreted what was trying to be achieved.    To the OP @Marc, and @Tudor I may well still implement the idea, but I am rethinking things and may put it to a poll and let the membership decide on this, after all - this is a community. I am very sorry about that @Tudor It really was not my intention to disrupt, but things need to be rethought. On the plus side, it seems we are on the right wavelength regarding the community helping each other with hard to obtain parts. It seemed like a natural progression to me.   Advanced Member is free - there is no charge - where he got that from I have no idea. Perhaps because people who have provided financial support for the forum also have access? Well yes - that was intended but why not? They support the site and we should thank them for it.    
    • So the contention is that it's free to use the advanced members section, or that people will be looking for free tools/parts, or ___?
    • Oh please Jdm,  lets keep this going, a solution might be found.   
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