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Longines Cal.12 from the flea-market

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Got this beat up Longings at a flea market about two weeks ago.  

Dial is thrashed but hands can be saved. 


Its a Cal.12 which is a nice movement and the balance swung smoothly. When I got it back home I wound the mainspring with the screw on the ratchet wheel and it started ticking.. Sluggish but it bodes well for this project! Apart from a missing case screw everything looks good so far! Mainspring was wound down (no power)  when I got it and the regulator is in the middle so I bet is was a nice runner until a missing crown led to it being put away. 


Crown tube is pretty mashed up but at least the stem is there (a plus point!) ,  and the case has a lot of scars. 


It has solid springbars but it looks like they were added on later,  it a pretty untidy job and one lug in particular looks a bit weak As it's only the solder holding it in. It's normal to see damaged lugs on base metal cases but this is a Stainless Steel case. IMG_20191026_121041.thumb.jpg.31300572f618a7488028bbd04152449d.jpg

Nice engraving on the inner case back. 


I'll probably clean and oil it and fit a new crown and crystal. I should be able to 'massage' the hands back to shape but the dial will probably stay as it is. 

Will post up pics as I get along but this is not an urgent job as I have a few others waiting in line. 


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