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Cannon pinion remover

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The best I've used is the K&D cannon pinion remover. It's now made by Bergeon (well, whoever makes it for them); there was a discussion here a while back and it seems it's really not as good as the old K&D ones. The Bergeon has fewer jaws and doesn't seem to work well with smaller cannon pinions.


Here's the way it looks, Bergeon 4854, if you search Ebay or used tool sites the K&D looks the same.


bergeon 4854.jpg

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What difference there is between that and gripping in a good old pin vise and pulling strong ?
It doesn't put any tilting side stress on the center wheel shaft, which is a big risk with a pinvice (potential broken center wheel shaft), it pulls straight up. It grabs "just enough". It takes literally 6 seconds to use including taking out and putting back into the drawer. It doesn't leave marks on the canon pinion, which some pinvices may do.

There are cases where it won't work like a split chronograph or minute repeater. There I do use a pinvice, I have one that can't mark the canon pinion.

Nothing wrong with a pinvice, except it is definitely riskier and is slower. I've repivoted a number of center wheels for other watchmakers...
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1 hour ago, Zero said:

Hi @Nucejoe, @jdm.

Could you kindly recommend us for a good pin vise (size and brand) for use as a general purpose cannon pinion remover? The model in the picture is hard to identify.

Also, how do you prevent marks on the pinion?

 My pin vise must be cheep chinese , has no trade mark or writting on it. Its got fine grip, I have not noticed any scratch marks. 

If your internet works, search for pin vise and do the choosing by images.

To minimize any bending effect, grab the end thats gripping the canon pinion. 


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