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Battery price comparison

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Looks pretty useful information. It would be interesting to see a comparison of their respective measured capacities.

My suspicion is that there might not me much difference. On the other hand, how well constructed, and therefore how prone to leaking the cheaper brands are, may well be the most important factor of all, but  I doubt if there are any useful resources that go in to that much detail.

My limited experience suggests that the cheaper batteries may be slightly more prone to leaking, but eventually, if you leave them in the watch long enough, I suspect they all run the risk of leaking in the end. I have found furry Renatas and furry cheapo Shezhen market specials but my gut feeling is that the cheapos are more likely to spill their guts than their more expensive cousins.

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11 hours ago, jdm said:

I don't really know why I did this, but learned few things in doing it. Maybe it can be useful to someone.




Have been used Seikazen when the Retina has not be available with no issues. 


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Been using them for a while watchmaking as a hobby.

Think I read on the Cousins site a while back that they are Seiko batteries which was good enough for me.

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I've had two Renata batteries leak years ago. Lucky I caught them in time to minimise damage.
I've now used nothing but Sezaiken (Seiko) for the past 4 years. 44 quartz watches and no issues yet.

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