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Had to Remove a Screw

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Had the head of screw strip off the mainspring barrel arbour. Tried to use a bergeon screw extractor and failed. So I set the arbour up in a lathe and graved a small cone center. Then I used circuit board drills and progressively drilled out the center. And after two broken bits, I finally got the insides loose. Then I went on my Stereo Microscope and picked out loose parts using rodico and a small pink screwdriver.


All worked well. Now to find a new screw. The main mission was to replace a broken mainspring.9949bbdd78c12cf7e9bbc3ca02ecab3c.jpga86a3b5fc103b4c6e892ef02d8e42e27.jpg3fe416e813d80bd527358fbcb772bb61.jpgbc221c0b9726d814c82a9cfc9aae8a10.jpg

And here is the broken mainspring.5a064f69bdd036f2322efd65405207bc.jpg



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