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    • If you decide to buy the presto type tool then be aware there are 2 variants - one for 5 spokes and one for 6 https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/train-wheel-removing-tools They are quite expensive if you buy new. I got mine second hand, but before I had them I did this successfully with a pair of knife blades inserted under the hub of the wheel.
    • Hi does anyone know the crystal part number for a 1979 Timex Marlin
    • Here I am! I would agree with you John. I also trust Archer in this thread... https://omegaforums.net/threads/seamaster-cosmic-replacement-crystal.31678/ He has access to the Omega parts database and I’ve learned a lot from his posts. It seems odd that your measurement is so far out Gary.  Can you post a photo of the case markings?  
    • It appears to be that it would've been helpful if we had paid attention to a prior discussion found here? https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/13746-166026-omega-case/#comment-122709 So the very last reply by StuartBaker104 Has what I think is the solution to the problem. If you enter the case number in a variety of databases the decimal point isn't really a decimal point is just a separator and you need four digits. If you don't specify What the fourth digit is the various databases will fill in a number. So we had assumed that case number 166.026 was the same as 166.0260 just because we found parts for it but it is obviously not the correct case number. So for instance in the above discussion I found a link to Omega with the case number but we weren't paying attention because the movement was wrong and of course they filled in the fourth digit which is also wrong. So if you go to Omega with what we perceive is the correct case number we get the following link which seems to have the right movement? https://www.omegawatches.com/en-us/watch-omega-seamaster-cosmic-st-166-0026 The only problem is the dimensions do not appear to be correct for the crystal? 063PX5123 GLASS PLEXI 2N RING D32.94 H4.9 REF :063PX5123 063 DIAMETER D1 :32.94 MM 063 EYEGLASS :WIHTOUT 063 HEIGHT TOTAL H1 :4.90 MM 063 PROFILE :CONCAVE 063 SHAPE :ROUND 063 TYPE :UNICOQUE DIAM OF THE GLASS SEATING D2 :32.80 MM    
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