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Curious note inside case of family hand down

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20191013_142333.thumb.jpg.fe58b35d36b6d366a2237076774b500b.jpgHi there, a curiosity here.
I'm told this clock nor any part of it is any older than early 20th Century. 
However,  my deceased father placed a note inside the clock that has details implying an older history.
I know my dad would have written the note based on something and in hood faith.
Any thoughts or theories much appreciated. 
Not for sale.









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I can not see it being that old. Pendulum does not look that old along with other parts. Certainly been restored. Not sure how the note came with it? Maybe look for those names is it possible it is not a date?. 

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10 hours ago, oldhippy said:

Looks German 8 day wall clock with lantern pinions . About 1930's or 40's 

I agree with OH, funny enough a clock that looks almost the same came into the workshop yesterday and the owner said to the staff that it was 1850's and handed down the family, I said it was around 1930's however leave it as we do not want to hurt the memory of the customer. This is common though, lots of people think their clock is older than it is, who are we to burst their bubble.

Another area is the value of the clocks, almost every time they over estimate the value by a long way, I will only tell them (through the staff) if the value is way below the repair cost, however sentimental value has no limit.



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7 hours ago, Collomps said:

I have a very similar clock. it works with weights, 2 meter tall, and it has all the design and styling as this one, mine is dated 1882.

The one mentioned above runs on springs. To be fair too you yours is different. If you can put up photos we can id it, need photos of the movement and case.

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