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I dropped my watch. What's the likely damage?


Clumsy me knocked my beloved Seiko 5 off the desk onto a hard floor. I immediately stuck it on the timegrapher:

rate: -13; amplitude = 230-240; beat error: 1.0

Before the drop, I would get:

rate: -1; amplitude = 280-290; beat error: 0.2

It's a $100 watch, so not the end of the world, but still one of my favorites (and a good timekeeper to boot).

I'm guessing something in the escapement has been damaged, but I defer to the much more expert community here for the likely suspects.

Much Thanks.



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On 10/7/2019 at 1:51 PM, jdrichard said:

Perhaps a bend in one of the balance staff pivots

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That would be easy to see on the timegrapher.  Would be impossible to get a straight line and think the amp would be lower then 230-240 . 

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Thanks everyone. I will attempt to adjust the arms on the bridge as soon as I am feeling less klutzy. I've done this a few times on other watches, and so far I haven't destroyed anything. :)

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