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    • Hi all and thanks for all info. Will start to go through it all over the week end. I have also looked for a way of letting down the m/s. I can see that the ratchet wheel is on the ”wrong” side though. And there seems to be a few Junghans made that way. The Ranfft samples are not identical though, if I look at the bridge designs. It’s just running as it sits right now so I will let it run out the ”natural” way before attempting anything. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    • There are a few Buser movements on 17jewels.info and ranfft.de but none are an exact match. This is similar in construction but a different shape. -> https://17jewels.info/movements/b/buser/buser-75/ Which suggests it may be a Buser movement, but beyond that, there is little information.
    • Thats a new one for me. It did find some movements maked as  "Nidor"  under the trade name of "Buser" This is one of those watches that you will just have to repair without any manual/tech guidance. However I can not see any obvious way of letting down the mainspring which would be fatal for the watch without this first step. 
    • For what its worth. Nidor.   Nidor Buser & Cie. / Buser Freres & Cie. SA Uhren, Uhrenteile; Niederdorf, Schweiz; registriert am 7.3.1918    
    • That doesn't look right to me. Looks very amateurish, could it be a fake case? 
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