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Wolf Jahn Watchmakers Lathe

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A lot of work went into restoring this Lathe. This include complete disassembly of the headstock. 6d51dc9ad805b283451124bcfa4522e7.jpg


Fixing the cracked pulley using JB Weld and fixing some major missing material in the headstock using JB Weld and then filing to original shape.


Then reassembling the headstock and polishing the complete Lathe. A lot of work.


This is the before and after. Assembled with tight tolerance on the headstock so there is freedom but no movement for making small parts like balance staffs.



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21 hours ago, jdrichard said:

First picture is the wrong one, it’s another Lathe I cleaned..:)63fa3bda85f560b6e6ba7b6bfcb5e544.jpg

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Fantastic job!


I remember back in 1987 when I bought my first computer. Among other things I used it as a typewriter. Remember Word Perfect? Anyway, the no 1 amazing thing with this way of writing was that a typing error could be edited indefinitely without a trace of the original error remaining. In this respect (and in this respect only) WRT sort of reminds me of the years before 1987 ;)

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