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Bulova Precisionist Wilton


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Decided today to celebrate the completion of my recent vintage Bulova project by wearing one of my favourite watches. It's one of the moderns that make up the majority of my current collection. The level of detail and finishing that Bulova put into these impresses me to no end. No, it does not possess a mechanical movement, but there are three standout features that make it unlike anything I've seen before, and give it the soul that is rare in watches powered by electrical current.


-The motion of the second hand sweep is flawlessly smooth. More than a few times I've been entranced while watching the seconds sweep by on this watch. It's not just the motion either, the relationship of the second hand with the other hands, dial, and indicators is mesmerizing at a level which cannot be photographed by my smartphone. The rose gold coloured markers that I opted for are intensely alive with reflections and shadows. 


-The accuracy is advertised at +/-10s /year. Mine has operated well within that tolerance. The new tuning fork design allows a frequency of 262.144kHz! 


-The chronograph measures to 1/1000 of a second. THOUSANDTHS! While I admit that it is difficult to produce a valid example of practical justification for this feature, I offer in parallel that practicality can occasionally get stuffed. 


96B12 as photographed.






If you haven't seen these before, visit bulovaprecisionist.com for a full rundown and interactive demo - you can control the 1/1000 chrono, and view the other features of the Precisionist line. They did a great job of that as well, very true to the real thing!


This is not a watch for lume nuts - there isn't any at all, then again, what the heck are you going to time to the 1/1000 in the dark???

At 46mm (+crown), it's one of the largest watches i own. My preferred size is in the 38-42 range, and while I do notice the additional wrist space this takes up, it is certainly still pleasant to wear, and does not feel oversized or garish at all. Honestly, the larger size gives it a presence that it rightly deserves, and how can you expect such small measurements from the registers to be accurate if they are too tiny to read?


I feel a bit of a sinner posting a modern piece which I cannot even claim to have restored, serviced, or otherwise influenced. I did want to share this with you, dear friends as it truly is the pretty young girl who is also intelligent, witty, and humble. Reason enough for me to reconsider my own subconscious generalizations of the quartz generation, and something I thought that some of you may appreciate as well.



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That is one beautiful watch Jeremy.

I wouldn't give a toss what engine is inside when something looks as good as that and does what it says on the tin. Most folk on here know my passion is for mechanical chronographs, but my second favourite, up there with my Speedmaster, is a Seiko Quartz Chronograph. I'll post it on here sometime.

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