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Pocket Watch Project

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I'm as green as they come and need a scrap movement for practice. I scored this on an eBay auction for $0.99 (+ $4.99 shipping, LOL) First inspection shows it not in terrible condition. The balance and escapement move at least, but it doesn't wind (very stiff) and the keyless works are either rusted fast or broken (the stem does not move in or out). I'll be taking this very slowly, since it's educational more than anything else.


Please note the high quality cardboard case ring. ;)



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What I notice on photo's from pocket watches, and from my own pocket watches, is that the second hand is almost always gone or loose...



For this one, it seems that the movement is not from the housing? Or am I wrong?

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Finally got around to finishing up the pocket watch project. I can say that at least it runs, and remarkably keeps decent time. I took some pictures just so I could reference how the movement went together, but it doesn't do justice to the amount of crud that was in there. All I needed to replace was the crystal, since it came without one, and the hands. I went with what I could find that seemed appropriate to the style. What do you think? 




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I did take pictures as I dismantled it for reference so I could make sure I got it back together properly. I only struggled at one point when I put in a bushing in the keyless works upside down and the setting lever wouldn't fit.  As for the keyless works, when I first posted, I had assumed the watch was set by the crown only to discover a setting lever under the case when I disassembled it. The original tab that would have protruded was broken off so I had to fudge it until I replace it.


I'll post some intermediate pictures once Mark has the photos completely moved to Amazon Cloud. 

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