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Pocket Watch Project

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I'm as green as they come and need a scrap movement for practice. I scored this on an eBay auction for $0.99 (+ $4.99 shipping, LOL) First inspection shows it not in terrible condition. The balance and escapement move at least, but it doesn't wind (very stiff) and the keyless works are either rusted fast or broken (the stem does not move in or out). I'll be taking this very slowly, since it's educational more than anything else.


Please note the high quality cardboard case ring. ;)



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What I notice on photo's from pocket watches, and from my own pocket watches, is that the second hand is almost always gone or loose...



For this one, it seems that the movement is not from the housing? Or am I wrong?

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Finally got around to finishing up the pocket watch project. I can say that at least it runs, and remarkably keeps decent time. I took some pictures just so I could reference how the movement went together, but it doesn't do justice to the amount of crud that was in there. All I needed to replace was the crystal, since it came without one, and the hands. I went with what I could find that seemed appropriate to the style. What do you think? 




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I did take pictures as I dismantled it for reference so I could make sure I got it back together properly. I only struggled at one point when I put in a bushing in the keyless works upside down and the setting lever wouldn't fit.  As for the keyless works, when I first posted, I had assumed the watch was set by the crown only to discover a setting lever under the case when I disassembled it. The original tab that would have protruded was broken off so I had to fudge it until I replace it.


I'll post some intermediate pictures once Mark has the photos completely moved to Amazon Cloud. 

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    • By AdamC
      I have a lovely antique cylinder escapement pocket watch that I've serviced and got running beautifully but now I have a problem with the minute hand falling off. I think it's known as a pin hole fitting hand. On measuring the hand it shows approx. 0.40mm, and then on measuring the arbor diameter with the vernier guage, it's also 0.40mm so it's very near but won't even grip when mounted. Photos provided of the job.
      Does anybody have a technique I can use to get the hand to fit?

    • By Bill3
      I am working on an Elgin pocket watch grade 312.  It was an estate sale purchase and was not running when purchased.  I assumed that it was not running because it was very dirty and thought cleaning would solve all the problems.  I completely disassembled it and ran it through an ultrasound cleaner and rinse. It came out bright and shiny and when I started to reassemble for the first time I saw that there was NO roller jewel!  
      So, what now? Can the roller jewel be replaced by a person with very modest ability?  I am including two pictures of the balance and roller plate.  I do not see any sign of where it was attached.  
      Thanks in advance for any guidance.  
      Bill H.

    • By trevsdad
      I'd like to try my hand at converting a vintage pocket into a wristwatch.
      For anyone who knows, what size pocket watch should I aim for and what's the best source for an appropriate sized case? Is a 'Hunter' best for this? What's the best solution for a winding stem and if I have to go with a case that's not drilled for the stem, what's the best solution?
      In other words, what best practice for this mod?? Any help would be appreciated.
    • By Dave84
      Hi Everyone 
      I hope you are all well. 
      It has been 12 months or so since I last logged in, and shamefully about the same since I pulled out my box of old watches. I was browsing the 'Bay' as always and really liked the look of this Waltham Traveler. I picked it up for less than £10 and would like to use it as my first restoration project. I have undertaken minor repairs in the past but nothing like this, I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew. 
      I need to find a key to see if it winds & runs, repair/service it and source the hands and a case, which is uncharted territory for me and I'm not sure how easily they are sized / sourced.
      Any help, advice or pointers that you guys may be useful to me will be greatly received
      Many thanks in advance 

    • By AdamC
      It's been a while since I've worked on a movement as old as this. A friend asked me to look at whether I could get his great-grandmother's watch working again. When I first saw it, I thought it was an old 1920's ladies wristwatch, though thought it odd that the winding stem is at 12. However, on closer examination, it resembles more of an old pocket watch movement. Now amazingly, the watch is ticking when wound but I cannot pull the stem to set the hands. On removing the dial, I can see the yoke and yoke spring on the opposite side. But would I be right in thinking that it is missing the setting lever? There is a space that looks suspiciously like there could have been a setting lever there once but I could be wrong.
      I'd also be interested to hear your opinions on the age of the movement. I'm thinking around 1900.
      What's more surprising is that when the case is closed, you don't see the chipped porcelain around the edges, so thick is the bevel. It looks so nice and ornate and when the case is closed. Would love to be able repair but have my doubts.
      Any ideas about the keyless works?
      Thanks in advance.

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    • If it were a construction site I'd be fired.  An 8-hour day and one successful joint to show for it.  I had to tweak the jig and lots of trial and error before I got my tools to behave.  Having that behind me, the rest of the drawers will take far less time.  So my 14 drawers will be box jointed just like this. 
    • Thanks again, VWatchie.  I think I understand now.  9501 and Molykote DX are for high friction areas.  The inside of the barrel is certainly high friction for automatics; but we're not trying to mitigate friction as much as we're trying to allow the main spring freedom to slide so it doesn't score or foul the internal wall of the barrel.  Yes?
    • Nice one Jon a good job well done
    • Hi I think the genuine part will fix it   after market parts although look the same quite often are not. Consider the crispness of the edges of the pattern part are they sharp if not that is likely the problem sliding over the pin not along it.
    • not difficult if you have some experience, no experience i wouldnt try it...check for broken teeth on hour/min wheels and clutch/ratchet wheels. If any are broken you need to source a new one. and iam not familiar with this watch but is there a sub second hand or a center second hand? if so check the second hand and make sure it not binding up somewhere this could explain what i like to call the "ghost escapement" when power is applied to balance but then train gets jammed causing the escape wheel not to spin. there are other causes of this but i would rule those out since you now say its running fine and keeping accurate time. also make sure the dial is secured tight and flat to the movement, if there is any wiggle room the hour wheel could be coming off the canon pinion. this could be a simple fix. if making the dial flat and tight dont work a new hour wheel may be needed. sometimes they get damaged when someone doesnt properly remove the hands and they can be too loose and wiggle causing it to slip and/or making hour hand bob and weave up and down as you change the time causing a bind. If you cant source a new hour wheel then try adding a couple more dial washers to keep it down
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