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My Yard Sale Find(Actually, My sister's find for me). Follow Along For Updates

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My sister and her husband went to a yard sale last weekend. They told me they saw a bucket of what they thought were watch parts, but didn't buy. I was disappointed. My sister drove back to the sale site last Monday and ask if they still had the bucket and the lady said yes—she didn't know what it was and was about to throw out. My sister gave her $5.00 US for the bucket, and here it is.

Each container is filled with watch movements and parts. Some appear to be new old stock that was never used. Many unusual items relating to small tools. I don't see anything newer than possibly mid 1950's.

As I go though the bucket to inventory I will post updated pictures to this post for all to see.




IMG_3264 2.png

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Going through my yard sale bucket of watch stuff I ran across this. In an old paper box with no markings. I think I know what it is, but I'll not embarrass myself with my guess. Thought I'd let an expert tell me what this tool is...



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    • I got this little beauty  at a swap meet on Sunday.  I changed the battery and still nothing.  I know nothing about quartz. Is there a trick I kneed to know?  Is it worth taking down to be repaired?  Should I look for an ETA movement to put inside?  It does have the gold matching band in good condition.
    • So jdm if you want I can mail you the watch of your dreams.
    • When I was in the armoured corps they said “when I doubt Pit Out” aka go to sleep. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
    • Thanks for the reference. I may have that book. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
    • Thank you AndyHull and JerseyMo for responding with really helpful instructions!  You guys rock!  i have to get some rodic to help hold these two little mini-monsters in place. I was trying to use a small bit of sticky-tack but it didn't hold well enough.  I would get the screw into position but it would fall over when the screwdriver touched the screw.   For the 24 movement that still has the broken screw end in it, I will try to get that out after I get the lever and screw installed in my working 24.  And yes, I will install the crown/stem AFTER I have the lever and screw in place on the plate. Again, thanks for your help- i really appreciate it!!!  Will let you know when I get things back together.
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