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    • Wow, nice piece, ok I would go for original look, if it’s a 30 mm high done Plexi then get one, you say friction fit, the old one might of had a tension ring on the crystal, if so there’s your friction fit. It’s common practice to use glue to set crystals in place, we use a uv glue that dries clear and you cannot see that it has been used.  As for the dial, personally I would use some rodico and roll it across the dial, this will pick up all the bits and anything else like finger prints. For the strap, that’s going to be up to you as to what style you go with but there are tons of 18mm straps out there, get on eBay and find a distressed/worn leather one.
    • I have used shellac dissolved in alcohol as a wood finish for years. There is no doubt in my mind that shellac dissolves in alcohol, both in methylated spirits and isopropanol. However it takes time, so the effect is not instant. I suspect that the shellac holding in a fork jewel will probably last several minutes in a bath of alcohol, however I would personally not recommend it as the results could not be predicted. Your mileage may vary. Try it at your own risk. If shellac has been replaced with some more modern alternative at some stage historically, then perhaps modern watches are less prone to issues, but anything produced before around the 1940s will almost certainly have shellac holding in the jewels.
    • It happened to  me as well to the others and it has been written so many times, you never noticed? Alcohol is the normal solvent for shellac. Otherwise, it is not shellac.
    • Hi all,  thanks for taking the time to read my post. I have an old Hermes watch that has been sat in a drawer for years. It needs a few things to get it working so hoping you can help. I didn’t want to do anything before consulting this forum. 1/ The glass was replaced at some point but I think it’s the wrong type, it was a high domed acrylic glass which looks to have been glued in - I think it should be friction fit. I’ve checked on my vernier calipers and it’s bang on 30mm - the glass that has fallen out seems to have worn at the edges but it 29.7mm so may explain why it is falling out. What would you recommend I replace with? I think it would have come with acrylic from speaking to a couple of watch dealers so perhaps worth replacing with a low dome one?   2/ The face if the watch is obviously a bit sun damaged and aged which I’m ok with but it has got some dirt on it I think. I don’t know if I should just blow some compressed air on it or if I should wipe it but I’m worried about making it worse. Any suggestions welcome - I tried to get a close up.   3/ I need a new strap and pins - it’s 18mm. I was going to keep it classic so thinking a leather strap - any suggestions what I should get? Not sure what to pair it with.
    • I’m with OH, although I do have essence of Renata as well.
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