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    • Are you saying they gain the full couple hundred second just for the duration of the workout? Or are you extrapolating the amount of time gained during your work out to a day? If so around how many seconds do you gain just for the duration of the workout? The reason I suggested the test is to make sure it's just knocking and not any other problem like isochronism or hairspring sticking. If the rate doesn't fluctuate significantly before the movement starts knocking then your problem is that you're causing your watches to knock. If it does than it's another problem.  If it's indeed only knocking then depending on how aggressive your movements are, the duration of your workout, and amount of seconds gained during workout it could be normal. Especially on higher amplitude watches if they are subjected to certain repeated aggressive movements they will knock and you will gain a whole bunch of time. All my watches gain anywhere from 3-5 seconds just from vigorously towel drying my hair.
    • Dial looks like a Bombay special but otherwise it looks pretty decent. I've seen much worse. One point is the washer holding the day wheel needs to have the tapered edge facing down to facilitate removal. Its even written on the day disk but maybe English is not their language! Also I dont think Ive seen Green plastic date wheels before? Probably custom printed? Anilv
    • Welcome to the forum.
    • Hi everyone, after watching many watch repair videos by Mark, I decided to join. I'm a retired US Army Soldier, having served 21-1/2 years. I enjoy spending time with my family, fishing, camping in our restored 1976 Monaco Class C motorhome and watching people make beautiful things out of once-ugly things on YouTube. I was married to my first wife, Sherri, for almost 10 years, before I lost her to metastatic breast cancer. The month before she passed away, she bought me my last birthday present, a Rolex Submariner....or so she thought. It turns out she was duped by an unscrupulous jeweler, for whom there is a special place in Hades. The movement is Swiss, according to a local watchmaker, but I still get sick to my stomach thinking that someone had the temerity to take advantage of a dying person. Even though it's not real, it's more valuable to me than the real McCoy and I cherish it every time I wear it. I also have a Vostok watch that my late aunt, a stewardess for Air France, brought back from the Soviet Union in the late 60's/early 70's. Here are pictures of both watches. Frederic
    • Just received my magnetic stirrer yesterday. The magnets are not very powerful, so hopefully it doesn't magnetize everything. It can also works as a "line release" tool.  If it doesn't work, I'll have a hot cocoa machine, parts dryer, a line release tool and maybe a demagnetizer. 
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