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2e pocket watch maintenance...

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So guys,


I started with my 2é pocket watch today.


It's still working, so don't expect many problems. The only thing is a lose second hand.












Every step I make I made pictures to help myself after the cleaning work.

Parts are cleaning when I am making this post.






Quick step forward...




And some pictures made from the main spring to be sure... ;-)



In a few days, I wil reassemble the watch. ;-)


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I notice something I don't know yet... this small screw @ the pallet fork area. ( No pallets on this fork actually, only pins. )




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So guys, small update...

I just assembled the pocket watch movement again.

I was able to lose one screw... flew out the tweezer and gone it was... send out an SOS but it was lost. Lucky for me I have a few spare screws here and it's ok.

I also was able to put the main spring wrong way in the barrel, even I had taken pictures before. Bud hey, I notice it right away when I wound the movement, so I fixed it and it's all ok now.


On 9/9/2019 at 10:39 PM, oldhippy said:

That screw is to change the dept of the pallets against the escape wheel. 

That was exactly I was thinking, nice I was right there. Like I say before, it's a pallet fork with no real pallets, bud pins. ;)



I put it for fun right away to the timegrapher, also here no good measurement possible. And it seems I hear some noice one and a wile, probably need the oil and grease first do their job.


Brother and sister ticking to each other.




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So after 12u they do a good job for timekeeping.





Some question about the sit position... Is there a way to sit properly @ the workbench? After 3 times a few hours of work my neck and shoulders are blocked.

Or is this work notting for me. :biggrin:



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Your posture is very important. Your workbench and your seat has to be the correct height for you. If you are finding problems now, you must correct that, if not you will end up with neck and spine trouble. Speaking from experience it is very painful, it left me with spondylosis, when I was 50 my doctor said I had wear and tear of someone who was 80.  

The two pocket watches are doing fine. :Bravo:


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54 minutes ago, oldhippy said:

Your posture is very important. Your workbench and your seat has to be the correct height for you.

Thanks, hope they will teach us that at the  watch school soon. I have muscle problems, so also that can be a problem.:(

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