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First jump hour service, wheel question.


Received and stripping my first jump hour.

The movement is no trouble. A simple 1 jewel pin pallet but the date/minute/hour (from the outside in) wheels are not budging. (Central pivot for seconds hand).

I suspect it has to be pulled off something akin to a cannon pinion but this being a particularly nice watch I want to wear I don't want to risk damaging it.

It's a Trafalgar Instantime.

Any pointers or ideas would be gratefully appreciated.





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Yes, the seconds are friction fitted and can be removed using a pair of hand levers or .80mm screwdrivers inserted into the small slots seen in the picture.


Apply steady,  upward pressure...not too much because the seconds disc may warp if you push up too hard. Slow and steady. Here a link to a jump hour overhaul I did a few years ago


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Thank you, this gives me a bit more confidence to attack it again tomorrow.

I'll take a look through your service link.

Much appreciated.

Have taken a look through and that is perfect for my question. It looks to be near enough the exact same movement, though yours is a bit posher, it has a jewelled pallet fork pivot. :)

thanks again.

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