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Another Omega 1337 thread.

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Hi All

I had the idea, after reading through quite a bit of the internet to "simply" replace the movement in my buggered Omega with some after market cheap engine. Easier said than done: or what? as we say around here.

Its a https://www.omegawatches.com/en-gb/watch-omega-seamaster-classic-md-196-0281 

I've seen the posts on repairing these movements and that is not something I'm considering; for example, I can't even get the hands off to get the dial off this one.... Looks like water got in through the stem as opposed to the dramatic battery damage I've seen.

Does anyone know if there is an Omega mechanical movement of the same size as a 1337 that I could use in this ? Cousins don't always put feet positions or movement height on data and the twin cities catalog for quartz movements I saw, although old; all the feet positions are wrong on all the 11.5 movements... as they need to be at 12 and 6 here. The Omega website isn't much use as all the alternatives it gives in the link above are, err, quartz.

Looks like working 1332s are just as expensive to find as 1337s are.

Its such an elegant watch, but its probably going to end up on ebay as spares / repair because I can already hear stem height, what about the push in button, movement height, get feet moved, it says quartz and it will end up with a sweeping seconds hand, finding one,etc etc.

If I can get something else to fit inside I'll just use it myself as I like watches that look like the Relide I'm wearing now in the last pic with its good old AS 1686.

Cheers in advance. 





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Hi LNM1965    It is an elegant watch,   Must admit  like omega watches.  Try measuring across the movement 6 to 12 and 3 to 9 . Check movement height ,   Then checkout an ETA movement they have quite a range and probably will have one to fit

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Hi LNM I had the same problem.

I have identified that the only practical option is a quartz movement. You wont find a mechanical that is the same size.

I found that the original movement was just over 11 1/2 ligne.

The only quartz movement that I know  of that is correctly sized is the.......bam badabam.... Hattori VX42 Movement


It is a cheap $6 movement by Seiko from cousins.
it has a exactly fitting date wheel - it fits perfectly.
The dial feet even fit the movement however the crown is then offset.
Option - transplant the dial feet OR cut the feet off and use dial dots/adhesive OR drill new holes in the movement for the dial feet.

The hour and seconds hand fits. Sadly the minute hand doesnt fit - I suggest either using a different hand set or broaching out the omega minute hand.

The movement has a good positive feel, great timekeeping  - is japanese quality and common as a  dime a dozen from the supply houses.

You will thank me when you try one :)

Good luck

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