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Another early Landeron Hahn (Landeron 3)


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Sourced on ebay some relatively inexpensive Landeron 3 watch. Looks like 30ties, all original. 40mm diameter without crown.

Watch was sold for parts or repairs. This is all info what I got from seller:


It came from a watchmakers estate 
Looks like it needs a balance staff 
Other than that not sure what it needs.

Watch looks very dirty (I will not wonder if that dirt is still from war)...
Balance completely disassembled, but all parts present (in the same box as watch, at least hairspring was in container).
One of the pusher levers is broken (but broken piece is there).
Other pusher was not properly installed (fixed that already).
Foil disc from under dial is also there inside the box.
Dial was not tightened enough, so small register seconds hand was hanging around under scratched glass.
Mainspring was fully wounded.

I don't know what to think about that... I mean, I am a beginner, but at least I wouldn't left wounded mainspring, and probably disassembled balance parts I wouldn't just throw in a box with the watch.

When I look at the balance staff, it doesn't look so bad to me (see the pics and comment please, I might be wrong), so I wonder, why it's disassembled. Could it be, that watch stopped working because of dirt/old oil, and someone unexperienced decided that balance needs to be disassembled?

Any ideas where to start? I was thinking about bringing it to watchmaker to check/assemble the balance, and see if it swings more or less fine, and after that start with cleaning/oiling.








P.S. Does anyone has spare pusher levers for this movement? Or could some laser welding work to fix broken one, or that will not be strong enough?
And any suggestions about hands - should I restore them (blue layer is coming off at some parts) or keep them "patinated" as they are?

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