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Unknown Ollendorf Watch


So I just picked up this watch from Ebay, thinking it would make a great special occasion watch.  I figured I'd be able to identify the movement after disassembly but I'm afraid I'm just as lost as before.  Does anyone have any ideas on what this could be?

What I know:

It's an Ollendorf movement.  Ollendorf was an importer of watch movements.  They have a cool logo.

The only markings are a 315 under the dial, which doesn't appear to match any movements in the Ranfft database.

Any help is super appreciated!



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Ollendorf also owned gotham watches it seems and I've found a similar movement from an auction on ebay.  Seems like they imported a number of movements from a particular manufacturer in Europe, I just don't know who as the style is unfamiliar to me.

As a note, I found a forum post by Dr. Ranfft that suggested ollendorf might import from AS, FHF, or Felsa.  I searched through his database for those manufacturers and didn't fine anything.

Gotham skly.jpg

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I found one very similar an AS635. How wide is the movement? This one comes under 24.75 - 26.75 mm

does not show back, so can not compare that. And Google searches i found nothing except spare parts for that one.

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