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Hey, so I have a question. I've got an Invicta dive watch with a NH35A movement here that whenever I unthread the stem and crown as it is unthreading the date starts changing. Once its unthreaded I can change it to the 1, 2 and 3 positions and set and wind it accordingly. How can I fix this and what is causing this? 


Yours truly, Josh

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That is a comon problem when the spring in the crown is a bit too weak, the stem is a bit too short or the inner portion of the stem somehow grips to the crown. If it is a new watch ask for a refund or replacement, otherwise a new crown and / or stem should be refitted by a watch repairer, unless he can find a way around the above issues. 

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agreed , stem, If the watch has been in service for a while there could be some corrosion or dirt in the crown mechanism removing the stem and crown assembly and soaking it in some sort of penetrating oil might free it up.  a new crown gasket would be a good idea as the problem may have something to do with water or sweat  ingress.

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    • Thanks for the advice, Folks, and also the warning about the pallet jewels.  I knew that but it never hurts to be reminded.  This is not really a crisis.  I'm sure everything would be fine with no further cleaning beyond what I've done already.  I was just thinking as long as I have it apart if I could spruce it up a little more, why not.  As always, I appreciate your input.  Loren
    • Hi  When doing serious jobs with the liability of pinging parts it has been advocated doing it in a large plastic bag to limit the pingability of the parts. If the said parts ping they are still encapsulated in the bag and easier to locate. This applies to click springs as well that always look for an escape route.
    • Hi as mentioned by Old Hippy a photo would be advisable so as to asses the level of contamination.   as to dissolving varnish, metheylated spirit is what cabinet makers use but be aware that "varnish" as used by cabinet makers is the same product as used to cement in Jewels in the older watches and is still used on some modern watches. As Vinn has mentioned don't wash the jewels out of their settings
    • Well, look what I found... https://tarafinejewelry.com/14k-white-gold-girard-perregaux-ladies-estate
    • Do you have a watch collection? If so what have you got? Just got myself a half hunter Fusee to restore. It ticks but not for long.    
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