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    • The answer "yes" given above is substantially correct but incomplete and hurried.  For example, on the very popular swapping to a SKX 200m divers, one cannot reuse the original stem/crown combo, so a new one must be bought. Then, one must reuse the original movement ring, as well the day disc. But you cannot count on carrying over the date wheel, because that changes across versions.  I wrote about that many times here and on WUS, it should be easy to locate my postings for those that desire to get the full understanding of what and do a perfect job. 
    • That is absolutely normal, Seiko has produce this movement over many decades and in various factories in Asia, variations in finishing and lettering are expected.  The advice to replace with a brand new NH36 was also a good one, then of course anyone does as he pleases. 
    • Not on these Seiko five which are built for simplification and ease of assembly. Just press out and replace with a generic crystal. No point in wasting time chasing original parts that even if found would cost more and be identical. 
    • I believe the crystal comes out with the bezel. When you pop the bezel off, the crystal will still be in it. Bezel gasket here. And a quick search of ebay shows a couple dozen empty cases for under $15 each.
    • I just serviced the 7009 movement from a 7009-3170.  I haven't put it on the timegrapher yet, but it's keeping decent time from last night. The crystal is trashed, and the case gasket fell apart.  Stem gasket looks iffy.  I've tried searching, but I can't seem to find any information on this particular case.  I've found a bunch of pdf's that claim to relate to Seiko cases, but somehow, I'm just not finding what I think I need.  So, I have questions: 1. Does anyone know how this crystal comes out?  I'm hesitant to just put it on a press and push, though that might answer it. 2. Does anyone know the crystal size?  Getting it out, I could measure it, but I'm not quite there yet. 3. Where is the best place to buy gaskets?  I've not done that yet, so this is new territory for me. Thanks in advance.
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