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Cleaning a Pallet Fork with Elma Luxury Clean (Red 1:9)



I am new to watch servicing and repair, in fact I am currently undertaking my first service on my Omega 861.

I have opted to use a Elma S10H combined with the beakers and mesh pots.  

I decided to use Elma Luxury Clean - Red 1:9 in the first stage of cleaning at 60C for 10 minutes, for subsequent stages I use laboratory grade distilled water and then IPA.

I am confused as to how I would need to adapt the cleaning sequence for the Pallet Fork, could I use Elma Luxury Clean - Red 1:9 followed by a distilled water rinse only?

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That should work fine. If you do 2-3 rinses in distilled water a very quick rinse in isopropyl alcohol will have no effect on the shellac on the fork (like 30-60 seconds). The isopropyl will soak up the water and then dry quickly, with a warm air flow either from the cleaning machine, a separate dryer, or just a hair dryer. The warm air is a must to avoid condensation from the cooling effect of the evaporating alcohol.

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