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    • What process did you use to silver it?
    • A classic Seiko quartz rises from the junk pile today. This was missing its crown and stem when it arrived, but otherwise it was in excellent condition, so I decided to trawl through my large pile of random stems to see if I had something suitable, and my luck was in. I then couldn't decide whether it would look better with a silver or gold crown, but settled on the silver one. Too much bling with the gold one I thought. Looking online,  all of the similar Seiko watches with silver cases have silver crowns and gold cases, gold crowns, so I think I made the correct choice.  A little bit of a polish and a fresh leather strap, and it makes a very handsome addition to the 404 club.
    • Hello, not able to remove latch to replace battery. Any help would be appreciated.  Attached is a pic of the backside of the battery.    
    • If the mainspring unwinds back through the stem then the click may have failed. On these earlier longines the click spring is concealed under the barrel bridge.    Loose screw - most likely you loosened the bolt screw to far and it has fallen out. Remedy - remove dial to reveal bolt (aka setting lever and hold static while you reinsert the stew again). 
    • I am ordering some things, and thought I'd try again to get this guy back on the road. The Incabloc springs fell out, and I broke one trying to get it back in. I tried micing it, but what I'm getting doesn't line up with any of the springs I see on the Incabloc parts chart. I was hoping to back door it by seeing if I can figure out what setting the movement it's based on is supposed to have, but I can't figure out what the movement is. The only markings are a faint "+ -" on the balance cock, and a star on the rotor (pictured, but difficult to see) that was under a decorative plate. 
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