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Hi guys,

I am not new to the watch hobby (6 years already) but I am almost completely fresh into watch repair hobby. 

I am looking forward to reading the posts about it, to ask the questions and finally to give the answers in this community.

I am 30 year old tax consultant, living in Zagreb, Croatia. In my free time I am, aside from watches, running marathons and climbing whenever I can. :)

Best regards


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New here as well, watch collector that is going to start with a course for repairing watches.


Like Croatia! Plitviche lakes and Rovinj... :thumbsu:

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Hello All, 

I've had access to the lessons now since this past December  I thought I would finally say hello! My name is Jason and live in North Dakota USA. I have a serious watch and watch repair bug. I am still very much a novice and still do not feel comfortable servicing any of my watches as of yet. In fact I am still disassembling and reassembling the Unitas 6497. I have done this only 4 times now. Not very many watchmakers in ND and believe there are only 2 in the entire state that do it professionally. 1 that I frequently speak with who is a bone fide CW21 located in Fargo informed me that the Units 6497 was the exact movement he learned on. Said tear it down and put it back together until you can do it blind folded. So that is what I am doing!I truly hope I get to know you all!

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    • Thank you for your message! In terms of pocket watches, what would you say is the most common mainspring size? Any rules of thumb you’re aware of? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Update I discovered the setting lever when crown is pulled all the way out does not engage because (see picture below) the post on my timing lever is gone so the lever was not secured at axis point which limited the range in which the lever could full extend. I ordered a new one should be here in a week. I will keep you updated, what I think happened is someone pushed the setting lever post to allow stem to insert or remove and they pushed it to hard and broke it.
    • There is a Jasco made Naphta sold in hw home improvement stores in the US. It's described as being the thinner for varnish and enamel. It also says that it cleans greasy, waxy, oily surfaces and machine parts. Would this be safe to use on watch parts including balance complete?
    • Hello everyone, My name is John but you can call me Jack. I am new the group here and have been a hobbyist repairer for the past 2 + years. I mainly stick with mechanical watches but from time to time I will tinker with old quartz Seiko watches which I love. A current project that I have been trying to get down is a Seiko 4336 8129. This watch has been fighting me from the start. Well the movement was dead due to a broken pivot on the motor. So I sourced a replacement movement. Next Crystal was cracked so I removed the broken glass but can't figure out how to take the top bezel ring off. I have some pics. This poor watch has had a rough life. I was trying to bring it back!! Thank you for reading my tale of woe!!  
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