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    • So I haven't been updating this much as it was taking a super long time to get parts.  I was able to order a new balance staff buuuut in the process of switching over the hairspring and little jewel thing (still learning) I damaged the hairspring quite badly.  Before attempting this operation I made sure to check that I could order a complete balance from jules borel, just in case.  So, $90 later, I had my new balance. I was actually able to clean up the modifications that a previous watch "repairer" had done.  I think they were trying to use a balance staff they had lying around to just get it running again but they really just made a mess of it.  Putting everything back to factory brought the endshake into an acceptable amount.  It's been running for a few weeks now without issue.  Super happy to finally have fixed this watch and be able to wear it!!!
    • So I just picked up this watch from Ebay, thinking it would make a great special occasion watch.  I figured I'd be able to identify the movement after disassembly but I'm afraid I'm just as lost as before.  Does anyone have any ideas on what this could be? What I know: It's an Ollendorf movement.  Ollendorf was an importer of watch movements.  They have a cool logo. The only markings are a 315 under the dial, which doesn't appear to match any movements in the Ranfft database. Any help is super appreciated!
    • Some updates, I measured the  mainspring barrel of a 6498 and it's 16mm. I also tried loading a 10mm mainspring on an undersized winder, it did not load fully. So I answered my own question hehe. thanks.
    • Thanks. A small correction to my earlier post,  it is a Poljot 2614.2H, not a Vostok. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Poljot_2614_2H
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