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    • What a mess. Ronsonol lighter fluid and a box of cotton swabs, with lots of caution. That ‘s one option. I’ve used it to do that and it also will not usually affect any of the painted parts. Other solvents will ruin the dial or crystal. Steve Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
    • I have a Russian wristwatch with what I assume is a vintage electric movement (transition between mechanical and quartz). It's attractive and it runs, and I want to keep it that way. HOWEVER - The old gasket has turned to sticky nasty goo, and the goo is holding the movement in the case around the inside of the dial. I don't want to ruin the movement or get the dial face dirty trying to get the assembly out of the case, but it's stuck in there tight. Even so, I have no idea how to clean it once I have it apart. As a test I've tried letting the back parts sit in soap before washing them off. And when that didn't budge the tar, I tried GooGone - also to no avail.  Anybody with experience here, please help. Thanks!
    • Welcome from a newbie.
    • Ok i need some advice on how to safely remove this sub-dial off of this porcelain pocket watch dial. I know its solder but i can use an iron to remove it because the heat can cause the porcelain to crack which seems to have happened already because this was an attempted repair. The sub dial looks off because it must have broke and someone tried to re-solder it but did it crooked. So i need suggestions on how to attack this I have a replacement and i plan to glue it on. The dial is very rare and worth about $500 so i dont want to mess it up. I cleaned the dial already so the hairlines are virtually invisible. Iam asking because i cant find any info on the net. Thanks
    • the thumbs have it !      vin
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