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Omega rotor problem



I am about to work on a Omega ladies automatic watch.

I found out that the axis of the rotor is out of place and shakes up and down.

What could be done in this situation?



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There normally is a small plate and tiny screw that holds the oscillating weight in place. Could be the axial has broken. What cal is it? A closer photo of the movement would be nice with the weight moved over the barrel.    

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Looks like it says 672 right on the bridge, so yes Oldhippy is right it is the small plate just infront of the winding stem you take away and underneth the rotor you shold find a gear with a slot in it. 
These were not very tight in the first place and if the grove in it is worn it becomes even larger play between them.
You will find the tech sheet for it here , think you are best of looking at the one for the 670.

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    • I have five of these quartz date watches, and three cases (two for 20mm bands, one for 18mm), they are Called FORTIS CONTAINER SYSTEM , because you can use different watch bodies in the steel case (container) attached to the wrist band. All of them have Water Resistance 50 Meters, so if you open them without the proper tools and expertise, you might damage their water tightness or worse. If you don't use it for a longer time, you can pull the crown out, as when you set the time, that way the watch is stopped, and the battery is not drained. I did that with three of them over ten years. The FORTIS Product IDs: 560.10.132 and 560.20.132 .
    • Hi Gary  go to cousins.uk watch parts supplies they have a section of documents in PDF fromat for down loading  in the section type in omega 671 and search you will find plenty of info there.
    • Welcome to WRT forum.
    • That's exactly the same as my Trafalgar, (see top of page) which has a bfg 866 1 jewel movement, really nice watch. Mines the most recent service and keeps time surprisingly well for the movement type.
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