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Timing / Beat Error Regulation



I have recently brought a seiko 7002 and fully restored it and freshly oiled it. 

I am now at the stage of trying to regulate the beat error / timing.

I have purchased one of those timegrapher app on my iphone to save on money.

I had the microphone on top of the balance yesterday and manged to get the beat error t 0.50ms appox. and the time average rate of -6 secs per day.


I was very happy with this for a first attempt.


However, after checking it a while later, the results were thrown out. perhaps this was also due to the fact i had the microphone underneath the cyrstal this time. 


The graph also doesn't correspond to the typical two parallel lines angled. Mine are dotted everywhere imaginable. i am also in complete silence by the way.

But ive seen someones elses like this with good regulation on the internet, perhaps its just the app?


Can someone more skilled please advise, because id really like to take this hobby up.

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15 minutes ago, stevew said:

Always wondered if these Apps were any good? Have tried a few but some never detected and others hit and miss.

If the app worked before but not after the problem is with the watch. 

Anyway just like an hardware timegrapher the app needs a good microphone and stand  to work perfectly. The Chinese one cost about $75 plus few more for the powered cable. Not very far from $125 for the entry level machine. 

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I don,t have a timegrapher and can hardly be considered skilled, nevertheless, If you get good amplitude. I let the movement run for couple of days (for good lubricant distribution) , behaviour may undergo even more change.  

Check if dirt, tiny hair has got inside. Observe HS from the movement side under good light and magnification. 

How about  the MS and barrel?

Wind full manually, observe ?


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