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Newby—Glad to be here and need your expert opinions!

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Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and the possibility of doing some watch repair/maintenance at home. I started enjoying clocks as a kid when my parents bought a 6-foot Grandmother clock in the early 70s. I still own this clock today and it is one of my most prized possessions. My first watch was a Timex Hopalong Cassidy watch in the late 60s. Today, I own a dozen watches ... ranging from Seiko, Pulsar, to Timex ... with a couple of Casio "disposable" resin watches for good measure (you know ... the one's you wear when cutting the lawn!). I live in New Jersey at the shore and I am very happy to be here!

So here is my situation that I need some opinions on. I have an old Timex Model 87 (84 Series) Back-Set Electronic watch (965608772) - circa 1972. It was my dad's and has been sitting since the mid-80s. It is in very good cosmetic shape. I just put a fresh silver-oxide battery in it and can hear the movement working. However, it doesn't tell time. I did the rotary shake to give it a kick-start and it ran for 10 minutes and stopped. When I turn the hands to set the time, the second hand spins extremely fast around the dial several times, then stops. From my research, I have found that the movement is removed only by removing the crystal ... which I have no tools to do yet. It is very sentimental to me and I would like to get it working again. Even to swap out the movement from a like watch, or even consider the possibility of converting it to quartz. I am not sure what is the correct movement type to look for. I believe the case is 36 mm ... which I can always measure to be certain. Finding specs on this watch has been nearly impossible. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks again!

Note: I inadvertently posted this question in an old thread first by accident. So if you see it ... just disregard it!



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