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Hey everyone, I cant find out how to get this drown off and I've tried everything. The Miyota JS25 movement says PUSH and points to a hole which I've learned means this is where you press to reease the crown but I still can't get the crown out no matter which position the crown is in. I first tried with the crown all the way out then with it halfway in, then all the way in and haven't been able to get it out, please help.



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Watchtime is right, those movements aren't the easiest to get the stem from but you have to first push the winding stem into the inner position.
With a lupe you look into the hole and you should se a setting lever in the hole, sometimes one have pushed little to hard so the setting lever has jumped out from the guide which it runs along and you gently have to push it back to it with a needel.
If it is in place gently push on the small nob on the lever and at the same time pull out the winding stem outwards.
That's it. 
(The pics are from a slightly different movement but they work the same regarding to the stem).




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