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Hey everyone, I cant find out how to get this drown off and I've tried everything. The Miyota JS25 movement says PUSH and points to a hole which I've learned means this is where you press to reease the crown but I still can't get the crown out no matter which position the crown is in. I first tried with the crown all the way out then with it halfway in, then all the way in and haven't been able to get it out, please help.



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Watchtime is right, those movements aren't the easiest to get the stem from but you have to first push the winding stem into the inner position.
With a lupe you look into the hole and you should se a setting lever in the hole, sometimes one have pushed little to hard so the setting lever has jumped out from the guide which it runs along and you gently have to push it back to it with a needel.
If it is in place gently push on the small nob on the lever and at the same time pull out the winding stem outwards.
That's it. 
(The pics are from a slightly different movement but they work the same regarding to the stem).




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    • By jackie01
      I started new project - Citizen 67-9119. It's seventies chronograph based on 8110A movement. Watch came to me as "fully working in great condition" As you can see there isn't crystal. The one which was here had chip and wasn't set properly in bezel so when i turned the watch it fall on the floor and broke. As you can see dial is in quite good condition, only it needs to be relumed. Hands needs to be repainted and relumed too. Movement works well but it is too speedy (  +3 min/24h). Chrono buttons work properly, only the hour counter stops at "3h" position so I must to take a look here. I striped down the watch and disassembled movement. There was some much oil everywhere so the cleaning is required. 

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      Hi everyone! 
      I am currently in the process of building my first watch. I have sourced the parts from ebay and decided to go with a Miyota 8215 movement. I believe I have everything I need, have learned a lot from watching the videos  , however I am still scratching my head on a white movement ring that the Miyota came with (picture attached). Is this the dial spacer ring or does it function as both a movement ring and dial spacer? The case I purchased comes with a movement ring (however I have to purchase the clamps and screws, which I have already found on Esslinger). If this is not a dial spacer, I am assuming I would need one so the date ring doesn’t get stuck, however I am uncertain if the dial spacer is totally necessary. 
      Thanks in advance! 

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      Hey, so I have a question. I've got an Invicta dive watch with a NH35A movement here that whenever I unthread the stem and crown as it is unthreading the date starts changing. Once its unthreaded I can change it to the 1, 2 and 3 positions and set and wind it accordingly. How can I fix this and what is causing this? 
      Yours truly, Josh
    • By jackie01
      Hello everybody,

      I open this thread to archive works on Citizen 8110A Bullhead. I purchased this watch in poor condition as You can see on the photos.

      Cause I have serviced few chronographs in the past I decide to try restore this watch. Maybe is not ractional from the economical aspect but we do this because we love it So let's open it.

      Hands are in good condition (required repaint and relume) but the dial has broken legs and tachy scale is faded :/ I think it's really hard to find orginal and there is no gold aftermarket replacement - sad. Look at the movement.

      Gosh, what a dirty place It needs good cleaning and oiling. 
      But the biggest problems are this.

      Broken post on main spring bridge and missing rocking bar core and screw in gear train. I need to find replacement.

      While I'll be working on movement the case and pushers are send to renew - putting new gold plated coat


      Stay tuned
    • By east3rn
      Hello watchmakers!
      I am about to work on a vintage citizen watch.
      I removed the movement from the case but I am stuck on removing the automatic rotor..
      It seems that my screwdrivers won't do the job..
      Any advice would be helpful thank you.

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    • Maybe this tool would work: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07CQKQPLH/
    • I have five of these quartz date watches, and three cases (two for 20mm bands, one for 18mm), they are Called FORTIS CONTAINER SYSTEM , because you can use different watch bodies in the steel case (container) attached to the wrist band. All of them have Water Resistance 50 Meters, so if you open them without the proper tools and expertise, you might damage their water tightness or worse. If you don't use it for a longer time, you can pull the crown out, as when you set the time, that way the watch is stopped, and the battery is not drained. I did that with three of them over ten years. The FORTIS Product IDs: 560.10.132 and 560.20.132 .
    • Hi Gary  go to cousins.uk watch parts supplies they have a section of documents in PDF fromat for down loading  in the section type in omega 671 and search you will find plenty of info there.
    • Welcome to WRT forum.
    • That's exactly the same as my Trafalgar, (see top of page) which has a bfg 866 1 jewel movement, really nice watch. Mines the most recent service and keeps time surprisingly well for the movement type.
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