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Hey everyone, home handyman here

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Hey everyone, I go by adsterb on almost all platforms that require a username. I'm my homes handyman as the title suggests. I fix everything I can and am mostly a car mechanic but am now trying my hand at watches after seeing how easy it was to replace batteries. Watchmaking and repair are definitely interesting to me and it seems like there's always something else to learn about watches. I only have quartz watches at the moment but was given a non-operational automatic Seiko that my father used to wear and I'm using that as my motivation to learn to repair watches so I can get it running again. 

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    • I have a ladies Chopard classic watch that needs a battery changed.  I usually change batteries DIY but have not been able4 to figure out how to remove the case back on this one.  Can anyone help?
    • Ok i finally did it, not the best job but def will pass my standards. The 60 is slightly off, the weld was a bit shabby but ok. I ended up using a tool for wood burning, its does not heat up as much as a solder iron. There is a tiny chip by the 50 that occurred when removing old sub dial, kinda pisses me off the most because without that would have been dam near perfect.
    • I’d take this watch for 20 bucks if it wasn’t a counterfeit.  There’s plenty of nice Chinese watches for under 50 bucks on all the China sites that aren’t frauds.
    • They are all over eBay. I would say if you see one with a cool dial go for it. ST96 seems to have been a pretty solid movement. Hit/miss sometimes. Automatic watch for a cheap price. 
    • The bezels between turtles and samurai are interchangeable!  Not many people know this, assuming you mean a prospex turtle. SKX models can easily be found on eBay. I purchased a brand new oem Seiko bezel and insert for my skx009 it was $69. Parts for the 4R36 are also available a bezel & insert for the turtle is about $139. there also many sights who sell aftermarket bezels/inserts for the samurai. Just do a search on the net but here is one: https://www.dlwwatches.com/collections/ceramic-bezel-inserts/samurai there are no secret places for parts because they are everywhere. I just wish it was the same for deep blue watches.
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