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    • By Andyworks
      Good evening 
      After many an hour hand cleaning watches then upgrading to an ultrasonic cleaner I have decided to plunge into the world of a proper watch cleaning machine. I use he word proper reservedly as I know that it is not the latest all singing all dancing vacuum and ultrasonic heating machine as used by commercial watch repairers. It is a step up to my world.
      I purchased said watch cleaning machine from the much loved auction site we all know and love however mine has come without the cleaning basket and it has a broken lid on the one solvent jar.
      I know that here in the U.K the much loved auction site and HS Walsh and Cousins sells limited spares but paying £185 for a replacement plastic basket/ cage assembly that is not original equipment and fitting it to an otherwise original and in very good condition machine seems very wrong indeed. I love collecting and using vintage and collectable tools and like to look after them and where needed restore them to their former glory. I am on the hunt for a replacement original cage and basket assembly that would have originally been fitted to the superelite cleaning machine. Does any memebrs on this forum know of where I can get such an item? I am willing to buy a scrap machine if it is complete.
      If I am skating on thin ice with regards to forum rules about selling I apologise but I do not know of how else to write this post.
      Many thanks
    • By matabog
      Hello all!
      I have been struggling with the matter of mainspring winders for a while and I want to share some of my experience with Bergeon mainspring winders.
      First, there two major types:
      the old ones, with a spoke on the arbor (30081):

      and the newer ones with a recess on the arbor (Nivarox):

      Side by side #6:

      to be continued...

    • By marcoskaiser
      Hello all,
      I just got a K&D mainspring winder very cheap, but the tool is a bit stuck and the spring does not open when the ring is loosened. I would like to clean and oil the spring. Any clues on how to disassemble the winder? I don't want to ruin the threads turning the wrong way or using pliers...
      Thank you!

    • By VWatchie
      I’m considering ordering a couple of Bergeon mainspring winders from CousinsUK, and I really want to get it right as these are expensive tools.
      The way I read it, the specified diameter of each winder is the outer diameter of the winder’s barrel drum. That is, I would need to order a winder having a smaller specified diameter than the inner diameter of the mainspring barrel I’m going to use it with? For example, if the inner diameter of my mainspring drum is 9.80 mm (as is the actual case) a Bergeon No.6 Winder Ø9.80mm would be too large, or just right, no, yes?
    • By matabog
      So I managed to invest in a used "Bergeon 2795 Nivaflex" Mainspring winder . IMHO the winder barrels are a bit too big for the inner loop of the mainsprings.
      So my question is, fo anyone who had both:
      What is the difference between "Bergeon Nivaflex" winders and "Bergeon ETA" winders, the latter being the one especially made for ETA calibers.
      Thank you!
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    • Would need more and better photos. At first glance that looks like a redial. Crown is a replacement ? Seems slightly different in color than the case. What about the hands ? Wouldn't be surprised if those are non-genuine either. I don't know the movement so can't tell about that one. Seems alright but we'd need to compare it to others... The case clamps are installed wrong. They should go inside the case so to speak which is actually a retaining ring that can come out with the whole movement I believe.
    • Yep I have seen them pics too. I have tried all sizes of Trior ie Kif 1-3, 1-4, 1-5. neither of them fit. The spring that was mangled in the stem was a Duofix. Maybe a previous repairer had fitted the wrong spring hence why it has fallen out. This afternoon I have managed to modify a incabloc spring which fits (just)  and the watch is now on test.  I did try and modify a Trior by putting a curve in it using my staking tool as if you look at the pics the springs are not flat. This did not work either. What fun!!!   Just noticed whilst studying the pics is they are not Trior. They are very similar but not Trior. What they are I will have to investigate. 
    • Hi all,  Seller claims it is in good running condition, obviously can use a good clean and needs few screws. Is dial paint original? How about parts availability? What kind of budget for parts do you think I should appropriate? Your opinion please, never had a universal.
    • What's odd is that all the pics I've looked at of this watch do have the Trior both sides. 
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