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After reading many posts I finally joined the forum last year and this is my first post. I'm a hobbyist in watch repair and got started about 4 years ago when the stem pulled out of my wife's Fossil watch and I couldn't get it back in. Fossil fixed it for no charge but it came out again later, and by this time I not only got it back in but fixed the bent part that was causing the problem. Everything I know I've learned from video's, books, this forum and others,  Mark's course's and channel, and old watch repair courses I've found online. I buy old cheap watches and try to get them going again, with some success so far. This forum is one of the most helpful  sites I've found. The amount of knowledge from  members is amazing and I always seem to pick up some good information. I started with pocket watches, as is normal I think, and went on to wristwatches. Right now I've gone back to pocket watches and currently working on a Gruen Guild, Semithin that is in nice shape for it's age. Seemed like it was just dirty and dry but I've found what might be a problem with the banking pins. One of the pins is bent over quite a bit and has a gouge on the pallet fork side of the pin that pretty clearly shows it was bent over on purpose. I don't know if I should clean and lubricate the movement and see how (or if) it runs or try to straighten the bent pin while reassembling. The roller jewel seems to line up between the pins but the fork swings much further on the side with the bent pin. 

One thing I've not done is try to adjust banking pins on any other work I've done, and I have very little knowledge of checking the run to banking. Any help is greatly appreciated and I'm glad now to be in of the "talk" part of the Watch Repair Talk forum. I can't send pictures of the movement as I'm at a different computer but I can include them in a later post.


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Welcome to the forum. Some watch movements have adjustable banking pins , however I have never dared to adjust them and not convinced the necessity for them. I expect they are for adjusting the beat. However enjoy the forum. 

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    • As you are looking for a solution, keep in mind that you can order (or salvage from old crowns) male split stems with different length shoulders - the cylindrical section between the threads and the split coupling. The shortest are less than a millimeter, which gives you another variable to exploit since that would seem to be shorter than what you have in the picture. In their repair kit Benrus sold male split stems in Tap 8 or 10, with shoulders from 0.33-0.085 inches.
    • Nicely done. Looks good. Be cheaper than a bought one. More satisfying as well.
    • Yes well the 6497 spec sheet did mention epilam but I don’t have either the product or the bottle for it.   
    • Hello from Nashville TN!!! I’m new to the watch repair world, but I’m nerdy and loving it! I’m helping a friend out and repairing his old Benrus Square Rigger. Basically the crown was damaged (the internal pipe was bent badly…I tried to straighten it and it broke.) Anyways, I’ve learned a lot about this watch but I need some help  it’s a split stem system and I was able to source the correct stem. What I know so far. It’s a split stem, male side screws into the crown. 5mm crown. Tap 9. 2mm tube on the case. I bought a random lot of vintage crowns and was able to make one of them work. It’s the crown on the left side in the pic. The problem is, I need a gold one! I need to find a crown with a recessed “pipe.” The gold one on the right, that has a flush pipe will not work…regardless of how much you trim the stem. It’s has to be recessed like the steel one. I’m just not sure how to search for that!
    • Yes, it's a problem if you're not familiar with them as a 3rd tier brand with 90% of the cases being monoblock, especially if you get one of their chromed cases with faux joints like you ran across. The Benrus and Belforte watches (1st and 2nd tier) more often than not had some opening instructions stamped on the front loading case.  It is easier to tell when you get one of the Sovereign anodized aluminum one-piece cases, especially in Hot Wheels purple!
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