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Hello All,

I'm a new member and silly me, forgot to introduce myself.


I'm semi-retired and have taken a liking to watchmaking. Decided to start my journey and Mark's videos have helped tremendously and so have the info on this forum. I've noticed that the community here is excellent, willing to assist without hesitation. Kudos to everyone here.

I am a watch collector but have zero knowledge of the movement workings etc. I intend to get myself competent enough to service a watch eventually.

Would like to take the opportunity to apologise for the late introduction and also to thank the mods for accepting my registration.








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    • Hello. I don’t think I can see your uploaded image. 
    • Steve, if the mainspring slippage has a particular feel or sound when it happens then you can count the number of turns before slippage to give a rough indicator of how well that action is performing.    I’m not that familiar with Seikos as I tend to avoid them, but I’d expect around 7-8 full turns from unwound before it starts to slip. That may sound a bit vague, but it may help as it’s a quick test to make.    320 degrees sounds surprisingly strong for a Seiko. I’d maybe try giving it a few winds while it is on the timegrapher and see how it responds. 
    • Little update on the project!  Life has been, is very hectic at the moment. Though, i had som short times to work on the movment. But looking forward to this weekend. Where I will have some serious time to sit down and enjoy it.  Noticed the palletfork had one jewel loose. Probably me ”fixing” it, so to speak.. Lesson learne. Dont try to attach the bridge with the fork inplace. Timing wheel will/might knock the pallet Jewels.  I saw it as a opportunity to try heat the schellack and fix the problem. But it seems there was a airbubble behind the jewel. A small poff.. So it didnt work. And not having any schellack. I have come to a conclution... HSL Sent me a spareparts movment. Very, very kindly! His comment: dirty as.. To my eyes, its mint condition compared with the one I got with the watch! So, picking parts from a better condition movment. To a far lesser one. Is very.. well. Not smart! Took a while to get that thought in my mind. Because Im quite stubborn, wanting to finish projects I start.  So, I will dissasebly and clean the donated movment, for the watch. But one more practice run on the other one first.   Late evenings, and daytime brakes. Have been looking at auction sites. Watch info. So collection of knowledge has been continued, at least.  Got and HMT for pretty much nothing. Hoping it would (as Mumbai special) have a st96 movment. It didnt. Looks a bit similar. But quite less quality, the looks of it anyway. But, for 6euro. Including shipping. I got a wriststrap, nice case and a nicer dial then the fake fortis. Well., lets say its very, very purple!  It for another thread. But have tried to find some info regarding the movment in my pocket watch. Very tricky and Intresting. But Atleast lerning things there too!    And again, Thank you HSL!   
    • The SARB033 has a display caseback. Just for grins could you post a picture of the back so we can see the regulator arm - like the one attached below.  
    • I once had a Renata or similar replacement balance for a horrible Cupillard movement which was supplied with the terminal curve unformed. But it would still surprise me if the hairspring was installed 180 degrees out. I would not expect things to work if you swap the hairspring over as they are different hairsprings and different balance wheels, so I wouldn’t expect them to vibrate at the correct rate if you swapped them.    Check that the rollers, or at least the dimensions of the interfacing parts look identical. 
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